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Helping You Get the Most out of Your Land 

If you have land with forest and aren’t sure what to do with it, contact Dwight Stewart & Associates in Manning, SC. Our family-owned and -operated forest management firm has served countless landowners in our 35 years in business, and we can assist with everything from land appraisal to maximizing profit of timber and property. Let us help you utilize your land properly. 

Experienced Local Business

Established in 1985, Dwight Stewart & Associates serves forest landowners throughout Georgia and the Carolinas. Whether you own five acres or 50,000 acres, we can help you. We’re the top forest management firm in Clarendon County, and we look forward to using our experience for your benefit. 

Forest Management Expertise

With trees being South Carolina's No. 1 most valued agricultural crop, it’s important that landowners manage their timber properly in order to realize the full potential of their investment. We plant hundreds of acres each year for landowners and maintain up-to-date information on cost share programs that are available. While forest management varies for each landowner, Dwight Stewart & Associates is here to help you manage your property for income, hunting, or any other objective. Give us your goals and objectives and we can help you reach them. 

Map Your Property to Make the Most of It

Dwight Stewart & Associates uses the latest technology in collecting GPS data in the field and creating precise maps of your property for use in timber management. We also use data from other sources to incorporate soils, hydrology, topography, and aerial photos to formulate a complete GIS which helps land managers make better decisions.

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