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Find out how to maximize use of the timber on your land by working with Dwight Stewart & Associates. Serving landowners throughout Georgia and the Carolinas, our local real estate and forest management firm in Manning, SC, can help with everything from timber sales to land appraisals. Our expertise ensures your complete satisfaction and fulfilling your goals for your land. 

Real Estate 

Looking for land? Selling land? Our firm can help. We’re licensed real estate brokers, and we represent clients through the process of selling and buying land. Our company specializes in timberland, farmland, and hunting properties. Regardless of your land needs, we’re the local company you can trust for sound advice. 

Timber Sales

Timber sale contracts can be very tricky and should be handled by a professional forester. We require all loggers to follow South Carolina's Best Management Practices (BMPs), and we will review each bid and periodically inspect the logging operation to make sure you get the most from your timber in an ecologically sound manner. There are also taxation issues to consider when harvesting timber. Dwight Stewart & Associates can help you handle all aspects of your timber sale, including site preparation and replanting. 

Land Appraisals

With experience in timber inventory and real estate, Dwight Stewart & Associates can provide accurate land appraisals to assist you with your needs and financial matters. Dwight Stewart is a State-Certified Real Estate Appraiser in South Carolina and Georgia. Whether for loan collateral, investment analysis, estate and tax planning, or other appraisal needs, we can assist you.

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If you’re in need of professional help when selling timber or you’re looking to buy forested land, contact our forest management experts at Dwight Stewart & Associates. Our team is highly skilled and passionate about our work, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.

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